Catching up with McCutchen: Sanborn girl hits Mexico in round-the-world cycle trek | Native

Angelena Iglesia

A Sanborn girl on a journey to set the document because the youngest individual to circumnavigate the globe on a motorbike is properly on her method — and studying about herself on the trek.

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McCutchen bumped into using companion Kiva Carmen-Frank, who had simply earned her motorbike license, a couple of month earlier than her journey started and the 2 since have change into quick mates. (Contributed photograph) 

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McCutchen stated her journey already has introduced her to a number of the most spectacular surroundings she’s ever seen, however within the U.S. and Mexico. (Contributed photograph)

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McCutchen is touring on a specialised Kawasaki that’s constructed particularly for lengthy treks that embody off-road using. And she or he’s touring gentle, with only a couple modifications of garments, tenting gear and spare gas. (Contributed photograph)

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An indication welcomes the riders to the Mexican state of Chiapas, the southernmost state in Mexico that connects the nation with central America. (Contributed photograph)

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McCutchen solely spends about half her days using. Different days are spend exploring websites comparable to the traditional pyramids of Teotihuacán, studying Spanish and assembly new individuals. (Contributed photograph)

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