TECH TUESDAY: The intriguing design particulars behind Mercedes’ main W14 improve in Monaco

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Mercedes had been predictably the centre of consideration earlier than the Monaco Grand Prix weekend as their closely up to date automotive was lastly revealed. Though we checked out that replace – which comprised main sidepod and entrance suspension modifications – final week, right here we focus particularly on the element of the brand new suspension.

We are able to see that the ahead higher wishbone has been mounted a lot larger than earlier than. The angle between the ahead higher wishbone and the rearwards higher wishbone determines the quantity of anti-dive within the geometry. Beforehand on the Mercedes that angle was round 15-degrees. Shifting the ahead wishbone larger has elevated that to round 30-degrees.

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The extra the suspension can resist the pure dive of the automotive beneath braking, the much less the aerodynamic platform of the automotive is compromised. That is significantly vital with the bottom impact technology of automotive, because the downforce created by the underbody is enhanced significantly the decrease the ground might be run. In easy phrases, with much less dive to account for, the ground might be set decrease and the underbody downforce elevated.

What the resistance to dive additionally permits is much less motion within the centre of aerodynamic stress between braking and the automotive levelling out, making it simpler to provide a constant stability within the varied phases of the nook between braking and exit.

Generically, this technology of automotive tends to be slightly unstable beneath braking however endure mid-corner understeer, which is the worst of each worlds and arises from the truth that the throat of the underbody venturis are by regulation fairly a great distance again within the automotive, so giving an aerodynamically highly effective rear in steady-state cornering however with a number of forwards migration beneath braking, giving that sensation of rear instability when the automotive is diving.

However having a number of anti-dive within the suspension will not be all upside. The way in which the braking hundreds feed by means of the suspension, mixed with the lowered dive, provides much less sensation to the driving force as they attempt to modulate the pedal stress to match the downforce appearing upon the entrance wheels.

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Mounting the ahead wishbone larger will even alter the way in which the geometry works laterally beneath cornering. It is going to give the impact of accelerating the peak of the automotive’s entrance roll centre (the notional level round which the automotive rolls in cornering, and so the upper it’s, the extra roll is induced).

The rear suspension additionally has its personal roll centre. An imaginary line becoming a member of the roll centres of the entrance and rear suspensions of an F1 automotive (referred to as the roll axis) will normally be nose-down (i.e. the rear roll centre shall be larger than the entrance).

TECH TUESDAY: The intriguing design particulars behind Mercedes’ main W14 improve in Monaco

Suspension modifications are a key a part of the updates, highlighted in yellow above

The angle of that imaginary line determines whether or not the automotive is making an attempt to oversteer or understeer. Rising the entrance roll centre will scale back the angle of the front-rear roll axis, which could have the impact of accelerating understeer, significantly in gradual corners.

So, there are vital trade-offs to be made simply in the way in which the suspension works mechanically. However what Mercedes have additionally executed with this modification is make it a part of the aerodynamic change. With the brand new sidepod, Mercedes try to induce as a lot airflow as potential down the channels within the facet and to the ground edges.

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The sidepod channels are taking the airflow excessive of the rear diffuser. The ground edges try to seal the underfloor so there’s a better stress drop beneath the ground, sucking the automotive down more durable. The inlets to the underfloor tunnels beneath the sidepod are feeding the underbody.

With the brand new larger front-top wishbone, Mercedes have been capable of align that with the push-rod, the rear-top wishbone and the decrease rear wishbone to provide a cascading aerodynamic downwash in the direction of the tunnel inlets, decrease sidepod and ground edge.


The push-rod structure of the Mercedes lends itself higher to the aero cascading downwash of the suspension arms than the pull-rod, which has an opposing path arm to the wishbones. The entrance prime wishbone (pink arrow) has been mounted larger, permitting the creation of a downwashing airflow impact from it to the push-rod, rear-top wishbone and decrease rear wishbone

This could have been inconceivable to do with the Pink Bull’s pull-rod entrance suspension structure because the pull-rod is laterally aligned within the reverse solution to the opposite suspension arms. However with the Mercedes push-rod system, the push-rod aligns the identical method.

Mercedes have been compelled to adapt their modifications across the current tub, which was designed for a really completely different aerodynamic bundle. However it’s nonetheless been potential to open up new avenues of aero improvement.

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